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Automatic ad creation

You’re always in control. Reporting to your personal dashboard. Follow the amount of optimizations made per day.

Continuous effect optimization

Up to 5 million optimizations every day. Up to 20,000 tests on Meta per week.

Budget allocation and report

Ads updated daily. Support for 90+ languages. Automatic adjustments for seasonal variations. Self learning keyword algorithms.

Trusted by more than 400+ companies

The first ever AI advertising robot

Introducing Amanda AI, the pioneering autonomous AI advertising robot. Seamlessly enhancing your Google, Meta, and Bing ads, Amanda AI transcends human capabilities. Analyzing live market data, the AI derives insightful conclusions and perpetually fine-tunes your campaigns, ensuring superior ROI. Amidst the bustling advertising arena, rife with fierce competition and complex dynamics, a singular path emerges — superior marketing optimization that outshines the competition.

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"We no longer have to spend precious time on repetitive manual labor, something that, evidently, AI can do much better and a lot faster."
Victor Salomonsson - Mindler
Growth Manager

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